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The Link Between Health and Technology

Since the advent of the technological age, a widespread “epidemic” of virtual viruses has enveloped the world. In more ways than one, technology has given rise to a number oBusiness Technology Web Software Startup Internetf advantages that have greatly helped various scales of the world grow. Information has disseminated faster than any other rate we’ve seen. Access to various sources of data has also become easier and much faster. The birth of technology has allowed for various techniques and simulations to be easily remodeled digitally and further enhance research capabilities elsewhere. Truly, technology has given the world a new age in all levels of society. However, technology also plays its role along the balance of nature and every individual that utilizes it.

With such an immense and rapid increase in the advantages and benefits technology has to offer, its counter parts have also given a rise to disadvantages for individuals. The relationship between both health and technology contributes to significant effects on an individual, which will be discussed in the next paragraph. Understanding the relationship between the two will help understand and regulate the technology we live with everyday.



Technology and Social Communication28011015990_8ff191ee0f_b

    You’ve probably realized it before but ever since social media apps such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, quality time or time with friends become dead ends in the air with little to no communication at all. The atmosphere becomes monochromatic and so do the topics that surround the environment. This is because social media has “popped” our brains into thinking that everyone’s life elsewhere becomes more important than our own. As a result, we turn to apps that speak fun in every definition. The mental health involved here is isolation and it is not a fun emotion at all.




The Anxiety of Unnecessary Informationsocial-communication

    We get anxious each time we turn the phone on and see that our content is inferior compared to others. This is why most individuals at this age spend an enormous amount of time feeling anxious whether or not their posts are “standard” enough for the world of web and media. While successful people create content that gives every bit of creativity and ingenuity, we lose more confidence in the content we deliver and thus, continually become anxious toward our efforts. Any amount of genuine content sparks by itself. The problem here is that we’d rather resort to plastic content rather than raw, defining posts or images about the world or ourselves.




Insecurity to A Whole New Levelcapability

     What makes technology so appealing is the ability or capability of a computer or a phone to have access to several different profiles in just a matter of seconds. You want his/her profile? Done. You want to know what she/ he is doing? Done. You want to know where they are? Who they’re involved with? How? All Done. An amazing feat it is for any super-powered brain right at our command center. However, as the number of people increase, so does your comparison level. Like a water tank that continually fills up. The comparison we make between ourselves and others is the reason we end up feeling insecure about the different aspects of our individuality both physically and emotionally that some end up taking these insecurities to a whole new level of “improvement” and “enhancement.”




A Heightened Sense of Lossstock-iphone-business-mobile-38629

Having a cellphone is almost as similar to being in a relationship for most. This sense of loss comes from the images and posts we see everyday and how we relate all of this to ourselves. The more we continue to spend our time with our gadgets or with the technology around us, we become more attached to this electrical structure to the point it becomes somewhat biological on our end. By seeing posts online with our friends, this may tend to make us feel lonely or may be even depressed. Studies in Sweden have shown this feeling of detachment to exhibit symptoms of depression, which should be corrected since these are merely material attachments that we can naturally live without.


      A study in the Michigan State University revealed that anxiety had the highest percentage and depression followed not far from anxiety due to the technological effects on society. Although technology has produced a number of advantages including various forms of data that is beneficial to society and the industry sector, regulating the uses of technology and learning the effects it places should highly be made aware for each individual.